HRMMA 118 Pay-Per-View - Friday Access Feb 26th

HRMMA 118 Pay-Per-View - Friday Access Feb 26th

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HRMMA 118 LIVE from Bowling Green, KY

February 26th, 2021

First Fight 7:00pm EST

Pay-Per-View Access. Watch the entire event is in HD on our AppleTV or Amazon FireTV apps or on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

On the day of the fight please go to to access the fight. This purchase portal will be disabled 2 hours before the event and you must go to the link above to purchase. 


B2 Fighting Series


  1. Nick Mondelli(Indy Fitness)(1-3) vs Jackie Stephens(GC MMA)(0-3) 170
  2. Shawn Martin(BG Badboys)(0-0) vs Brian Harrison(Elite)(0-0) 205
  3. Ricardo Soto(Dark Horse)(0-0) vs Riley Hanner(UFC GYM)(1-1) 205
  4. Daniel Dennison(0-2) vs Phoenix Straub(Griffins Submission)(0-0) 205
  5. James Zahran(Kru Daniel MMA)(1-0) vs Anthony Jordan(Elite)(0-0) 165


  1. Darrell Simmons(Wildside)(1-1) vs Caleb Smith(Etown Beatdown)(1-0) 145
  2. Ivan Pena(Strong Style)(0-0) vs Dominic VanCleve(CoachTeam)(0-0) 135
  3. Quentin Campbell(Immortal Way)(1-1) vs Blair Hoskinson(Griffins Submission)(0-0) Heavyweight
  4. Cole Trangenstein(Ten Bears)(2-1) vs Nathan Gaston(Central Illinois Combat Club)(1-0) 185
  5. Zlatko Skuljan(Wildside)(5-1) vs Josh Rivera(Etown Beatdown)(5-1)(champ) 155 Title


  1. Christian Jones(Circle City MMA)(0-2) vs Seth Sirgo(Nashville MMA)(1-0) 145 PRO
  2. Markus Hall(Edgefit)(2-0) vs Chance Beck(Etown Beatdown)(3-0) 155 PRO
  3. Brandon Birr(Strong Style)(1-0) vs Alex Traughber(Brassell)(0-0) 125 PRO
  4. Adam Assenza(BTC)(12-6) vs Sean Fallon(IBG)(13-6) 160 PRO